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The Life-Giving Soil Company

At SOILCO we give life to soil. SOILCO harnesses the power of people and technology to recycle valuable resources. At SOILCO we help our communities realise the life-giving potential that soil holds.
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SOILCO designs, builds and operates state of the art organics recycling facilities with processing capabilities unique to the Australian industry.


Our processing technologies are for aerated turn pile, static pile and in-vessel composting to maximise outputs with minimal costs and footprints.


We help businesses save money on waste disposal fees by diverting organics away from landfill for composting, with significant environmental benefits.

Soil Regeneration

Our on-site soil regeneration services include processing and removal of green and timber waste, screening soil and amending soil.

SOILCO Products


SOILCO manufactures a range of organic soil improvers to Australian quality standards for urban amenity, home gardeners & commercial landscapers.


Our compost products boost organic matter in soils to increase water absorption, improve drainage and provide a slow release of essential nutrients.


Organic mulches are derived from natural materials that protect soil and plants, suppress weeds and add carbon for healthy soil.


We offer fit for purpose products for applications such as sports fields, turf underlay, planter boxes, playgrounds and stormwater filtration.

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Need some more information or advice on our products? We’ll be happy to assist.

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SOILCO provides a wide range of organic products. View their information here.

Material Safety Data Sheet

View our Material Safety Data Sheet here for all the information you’ll need.