Our Company

SOILCO designs, builds and operates organics recycling facilities with processing capabilities new to the Australian composting industry.

As an Australian family business, we are working to deliver the innovation needed in the organics recycling industry.

We enable the circular economy by diverting valuable food, garden and wood waste away from landfills to our licensed organics processing facilities throughout New South Wales.

Advanced composting technologies transform these organic resources into quality-assured compost and mulch products to regenerate soil for dynamic growth. Our network of customers and distributors ensure there is an end market for these products to close the loop.

In 1974, SOILCO’s owners, The Emery family, began selling soil from a dairy property and purchased a truck for deliveries in the Illawarra Shoalhaven region.

We started composting to improve the quality of our soil products in 1985. Ours was the first facility on the NSW South Coast to receive an environment protection licence for composting and related activities from the NSW EPA in 2002.

The construction side of SOILCO developed due to the nature of our business and unique operating requirements.

As an experienced operator, we understand how composting facilities need to be designed and built to work down the track.

Today, SOILCO enables processing of 100,000s of tonnes per annum of food and garden waste for several local government areas in New South Wales.