SOILCO has been a circular economy pioneer since it began as a small family business in 1974.

We are committed to the reduction of organic waste in landfills. Our Organics Recycling Facilities have been capturing organic waste and transforming it into a range of organic soil improvers including compost and mulch since 1985.

SOILCO’s compost and mulch products are organic soil improvers.

Unlike chemical or synthetic fertilisers, our organic fertilisers add carbon to soil. Without restoring carbon, the soil is depleted and fails to renew itself because soil is a non-renewable resource.

Our end markets for compost are largely in urban amenities.

Projects our customers are involved in include infrastructure, subdivisions, land rehabilitation, council parks, sports fields and green spaces. This captures carbon, restores soil health and avoids the use of synthetic fertilisers and sending organic waste to landfills.