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Soil is life giving.

It puts food on our plates.
It purifies our water.
It protects us against flooding and combats drought.
It captures and stores vast amounts of carbon.

Soil is used to make lots of things, from ceramics to skincare, paper to bricks.
It is alive, teeming with microbes that are used in almost all of the antibiotics we take to help fight infection.
It is the foundation of our buildings, roads, houses, and schools.

Soil, like oil and gas, is a finite resource.
It can take up to 400 years for nature to form just one centimetre.
But in just 60 years, the UN predicts a catastrophic loss of fertile land.
Set against a burgeoning population, the threat to our way of life is very real.

At SOILCO, we give life to soil.

Our advanced technologies transform organics into high-quality, enriched soil.
So next time you throw your organic waste into the green bin, think about what it could actually be turned into…

Your apple core could be the solution to fight the next pandemic
Your coffee grinds could be the pages of your child’s favourite bedtime book
Your eggshells could be the way to combat carbon emissions
Your chicken bones could be turned into green energy
Your lawn clippings could become the grass pitch upon which your child scores their first goal
And the leftovers from your last meal?
They could grow Australia’s finest produce to inspire our next Michelin Star chef.

At SOILCO, we see the life-giving potential that soil holds.

Join us in helping others see its potential too.

SOILCO. The Life-Giving Soil Company.