Custom Blends

Custom Products

SOILCO is a horticulturally focused business, designing products for the regeneration of soil. Our team has diverse technical skills and work together to achieve the desired results for our clients.

Along with certification for AS4419:2018 and AS4454:2012, SOILCO is certified to ISO9001, an internationally recognised quality management systems standard. The systems demonstrate SOILCO’s capability to meet the required standards of quality. We work closely with our customers and have the products, resources, technical support and mobility to meet the requirements of their projects.

People are a key asset to SOILCO project outcomes. Utilising the company’s resources and experience, SOILCO is able to liaise with clients to assist with solutions above specifications provided. Strong industry relationships enable us to expand and provide additional products, services and capabilities.

This gives SOILCO the ability to manufacture project specific and fit for purpose products, and provide documented compliance to specifications and industry standards.



Custom mixes designed to meet hydraulic conductivity and nutrient requirements for sports fields.

Used for stormwater filtration in bioretention ponds, wetland areas and vault soils.

Light weight growing media for on slab applications.

Two-part load bearing system designed for tree planting in paved areas.