Bioretention Media

SOILCO Bioretention Media is a sand-based blend with a high hydraulic conductivity, which has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Water Sensitive Urban Design Principles for storm water treatment.

It allows fast drainage in flash flood situations and assists with the capture of sediment and treatment of pollutants.

Bioretention Media contains a proportion on GO Compost™ to assist in the biological processing of the water being treated. The organic content sustains the microbiology necessary for the treatment of various pollutants, and assists with the support of plant life.

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  • Designed as a fit-for-purpose product to drain and process stormwater in the urban environment.
  • Can be supplied as standard mix or customised to meet hydraulic conductivity or plant nutrient requirements.
  • Contains GO Compost™ to sustain the microbiology that breaks down pollutants.
  • Organic nutrients support plant life.

SOILCO can also supply transition and drainage layers that meet bridging criteria.


Application Instructions

  • As per engineer’s specifications.
  • Do not compact subgrade.
  • Do not place if underlying layers are saturated.
  • Allow to settle naturally.

Bioretention Media is used as the top layer Filter Media, in conjunction with the transition and drainage layers.