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Ecosafe Certified Soft Fall

Ecosafe is a certified soft fall designed for use as a playground mulch.

It has a medium consistency and has been blended to minimise sharp edges. Ecosafe has been tested in accordance with AS/NZ 4422:1996.

Falls are the most common cause of serious playground injuries to children. Impact absorbing material such as Ecosafe Certified Softfall assists in reducing the risk of injury if a child falls from playground equipment.

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  • Medium consistency to lessen displacement.
  • Select timber sources to reduce sharp edges.
  • Light and absorbing to minimise injuries.
  • Levels uneven surfaces.
  • Easier to install and maintain than rubber or sand.
  • Cooler underfoot than rubber surfaces.

Application Instructions

  • Ensure borders will effectively retain material.
  • Place carefully so they will not become a trip hazard.
  • Loose fill material should be installed to the depth recommended by Critical Fall testing
  • For Ecosafe the recommended depth to be installed is 300mm. Depth of installed material should never fall below 200mm.
  • An additional material allowance should be installed to allow for deterioration during use. For high traffic areas, such as under swings and slippery dips, an additional 20% depth is recommended.
  • Ecosafe Softfall is easy to dispose of. Can be used as garden mulch after use.