GO Mix and Feed

GO Mix and Feed is a rich nutrient balanced blend of composted inputs and manures that has been screened to a medium texture.

With all the benefits of SOILCO’S GO Compost, GO Mix and Feed is high in organic nutrients including nitrogen and the necessary trace elements for strong and healthy plant growth.

GO Mix and Feed is widely used by home gardeners and professional horticulturalists throughout Australia for fruit trees, vegetables and cut flowers.

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  • High quality blend with reduced risk of burning that raw manure and mushroom compost can cause.
  • Organic matter from supplies slow releasing organic nutrients and increases water holding.
  • Provides necessary nutrients for productive gardens including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements.

Application Instructions

To incorporate into the soil.

  • When digging in it is recommended to apply to soil surface at 50mm depth.
  • Dig in to 100mm and water well.
  • Depth can be 75mm for very poor sandy soils and additional care should be taken to mix in well.

For use as a side dressing
GO Mix and Feed can be used as a side dressing for established trees.

  • Use early in the growing season for full benefits.
  • Apply approximately 50mm in depth around the dripline of the plants, keeping well away from trunks or stems.
  • Water well to start the movement of nutrients into the soil.

Note: GO Mix and Feed is recommended for use as a soil improver only. Do not plant directly into GO Mix and Feed. Vegie Mix is recommended for direct planting for nutrient-loving plants.