Red Wood Chip

Red Wood Chip provides a decorative and striking contrast in the garden.

In particular it looks great under dark leafed foliage, feature plants and hedges. Made from 25mm square chip, this lasts longer in the garden than fines mulches and leaf mulch.

The feedstock used to manufacture Red Wood Chip is obtained from clean wood chip from forestry and sawmill operations in sustainable forests. The chip is colour enhanced with non-toxic dyes to provide an attractive red finish.

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  • Medium grade hard wood and softwood chip.
  • Coloured using environmentally safe, non-toxic dyes.
  • Earthy red provides a striking contrast to foliage.
  • Ideal for formal gardens and highly visible areas.
  • Longer lasting cover than fine mulch.
  • Good water infiltration.

Application Instructions

  • Remove existing weeds and any rubbish.
  • If desired fertiliser can be applied at this time.
  • Apply Red Wood Chip at the rate of 75 -100mm.
  • Ensure Red Wood Chip is pulled back from woody stems to allow air flow and avoid moisture build up.