Sports Field Blend

SOILCO Sports Field Blend is an engineered mix designed to meet construction specifications for sports fields.

As well as providing resistance to compaction and ability to drain readily, Sports Field Blend is designed to retain moisture and nutrients in order to sustain turf growth.

SOILCO Sports Field Blend features added organic matter to improve the percentage of ground cover. By increasing moisture infiltration and turf growth it can be effective in reducing surface hardness and increasing the durability of the field during the playing season.

Clients will have different needs depending on field usage, base soil and budget. SOILCO will customise blends to meet client specifications, helping to balance site specific hydraulic conductivity and nutrients with budget and maintenance capabilities.

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  • Open mix to provide fast drainage and increased root zone depth
  • Designed to resist compaction
  • Particle size can be adjusted to alter hydraulic conductivity
  • Organic component improves water holding capacity and nutrient retention, increasing growth
  • Fertilisers can be added as required for establishment and maintenance

Application Instructions

  • Application is as required by engineer’s specifications.
  • Do not install in wet conditions, to avoid surface and subsurface compaction.
  • Care should also be taken not to compact with heavy machinery when grading.