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Sports Field Renovation

Sports fields are a valuable asset that are often intensively used, so regular maintenance is required to ensure extended playing time, safety and turf quality.

Deteriorated fields can become unplayable and be closed due to decreased player comfort and increased risk of injuries.

Many community fields are constructed from natural soil, which may lack the necessary characteristics to consistently perform.

Renovating using amendments such as GO Compost PremiumTM can improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics at a lower cost than field replacement. Increasing organic matter in the rootzone provides benefits such as increased turf cover, less use of fertilisers and irrigation and greater durability.

Leading sports turf contractors have incorporated the use of compost in their field renovation programs. Contact us for further details.

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  • GO COMPOST Premium™ is recommended for renovating sports fields when an increase in organic matter is required.
  • Typically, the product would be incorporated into the soil profile, prior to returfing or sprigging.