Sports Field Top Dressing

Top dressing is an integral part of turf management.

The main purpose of top dressing with a traditional mix sand based is to level the ground to provide an even playing surface. These mixes are usually applied with artificial fertilisers, which damage soil health in the long term.

Organic topdressing blends can be incorporated into a field top dressing program.  Using organics in topdressing has the added advantage of improving soil health, providing organic nutrients and increasing water and nutrient holding capacity. This results in less irrigation and artificial fertilisers, and increased grass cover in winter. Turf will have more vigorous growth, be more resilient to wear and show better colour.

When Organic Top Dress is applied in conjunction with aeration practices it can ease compaction, and in the longer term provide increased rooting depths and better water infiltration.

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  • Community sports fields.
  • Public parks.
  • Turfed areas requiring quality lawn.