Tweed Heads

Our newest Tweed Heads facility in the Northern Rivers will process up to 25,000 tonnes per annum of food and garden waste into quality-assured compost for reuse.

Tweed Shire Council engaged SOILCO to develop a new Organics Processing Facility on a vacant area within its Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre, in collaboration with the NSW Government.

SOILCO’s proven processes and technologies for enclosed composting methods will enable the Council to save on logistics and transport costs by processing Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) on site.

A new processing building is located alongside multiple, aerated in vessel composting tunnels, biofilter and product storage infrastructure. The model is based on upgrades to SOILCO’s facilities in Kembla Grange and Nowra ensuring best practice processing controls and monitoring of materials to ensure compost production compliance.

For information on the Environmental Reporting for this facility please click here.

Successful project enablers:

  • SOILCO’s in-house team managed planning, approvals, design and construction to deliver the project within 2 years – a key contract requirement.
  • Our team prepared the Development Application (DA) including Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) within 3 months of contract commencement.
  • Local suppliers, contractors and materials were sourced for local investment.

Environmentally sustainable features:

  • A 99KW solar power system to offset energy consumption.
  • Rainwater captured for use in processing operations.
  • Wastewater reused in the composting process.
  • Cement replacements to reduce carbon emissions (fly ash and recycled aggregate).
  • Offsite fabrication of plant operational equipment to reduce waste on site.