Amend Soil

Soil Regeneration Services

Amending soil is a SOILCO service that improves site soil health and increases survival rates of plants during establishment.

It is often conducted as part of earthworks programs when site soil is going to be reused.  Following soil sampling and testing by a reputable soil laboratory, recommendations are made regarding any necessary additions of fertilisers, gypsum, compost and other ameliorants to add desirable properties to soil and bring it back to health.

 As part of the process, stockpiled site soil may be screened to remove oversized particles such as rocks, which allows for greater root penetration and vigorous growth. Site soil is then blended to meet project specifications for nutrients and organic matter.

Alternatively, soils can be improved in-situ, with organic amendments being applied and cultivated in a manner that causes minimal disruption and brings land back to desired use as quickly as possible.

SOILCO has a proven track record for soil amendment projects working in conjunction with leading landscapers, civil contractors and landcare agencies. SOILCO’S range of products and services for soil amendment is extensive and includes:

  • Compliance with WHS, Environmental and Quality obligations.
  • Strong supply chains for effective project management.
  • Adaptable methodologies.
  • Soil testing and results interpretation.
  • Versatile equipment with experienced operators.
  • Screening to achieve desired particle sizes.
  • Supply and blending of ameliorants such compost and gypsum to improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of the site soil.
  • Coordination of multiple site activities including screening, blending, loading.
  • AS4454 Certified Soil Conditioners graded to your specifications. 
  • AS4419 Landscape and Garden Mixes – when additional soils are required.

The application of soil amendments and fertiliser provides desirable species with the nutrition required for healthy growth. The use of compost as an amendment can provide so many benefits to site soil health through the provision of nutrients, water retention and improvement to soil structure.



  • Cost effective and less damaging than stripping and importing general landscaping blends. 
  • Maintains local nutrition and microbiology. 
  • Amendments are use specific, minimising the risk of harmful environmental impacts.
  • Soil improvements can be strategic – allowing the needs of individual plant species to be met.

SOILCO Recommended Products

GO Compost Premium™

Composted garden organics which have been screened to 8mm minus. Can be incorporated or used as a top dressing.

GO Compost™

Composted garden organics which have been screened to 15mm minus. Can be incorporated or blended with stockpiled material.

GO Mix and Feed

Composted blend for productive plants with high nutrient requirements. Contains inputs including composted organics and manures.

GO Mulch

Composted garden organics and timber mulch blend. Used for soil conditioning and mulching as a 1-step application.