Site Services

Soil Regeneration Services

SOILCO offers a range of ‘on site’ soil regeneration services including managing large volumes of organic waste on your site.

Onsite processing of green and timber waste can be an economical solution when dealing with large volumes of green and timber waste such as:

  • Council drop off 
  • Land clearing
  • Storm and bushfire tree damage management
  • Untreated timber packaging for freight businesses

SOILCO can provide trained personnel, vehicles and plant equipment to safely perform these services, and set in place appropriate site establishment and shredding methods to manage all scheduled work. Green and timber waste can be size reduced (shredded) for ease of handling and to reduce offsite transport costs.

We help our clients identify local opportunities for the diversion of organics from landfill. Collaboration is encouraged between communities, businesses and government to divert high volume material streams such as food, garden and other organic wastes.

Screening soil and amending soil on site are also part of our suite of services.