Closing The Loop

This infographic shows the SOILCO Regeneration Process using the in-vessel composting method:

Households sort food in caddies and green bins

Food and garden organics (FOGO) collected from households

Arrive, weigh and unload

Decontamination (sorting)

Size reduction (shredding) and particle sizing (screening)

Aeration tunnel filled and air supplied from underneath, water added as required

Automated process visualisation and control from computers

Compost screened and sold

Regenerate soil for dynamic growth

Fruits and vegetables are grown and purchased in a virtuous cycle

Collection trucks pick up FOGO waste from the kerb and bring it to SOILCO’s organics processing facility.

When it arrives, it’s unloaded and sorted manually on a conveyor belt in a sorting cabin. People manually remove plastic and inert materials from the contents.

The organic materials are then shredded and screened to create uniform particle sizes and a homogenous product ready for composting.

The composting process takes 8 to 12 weeks before it becomes finished soil health products in the form of carbon-rich mulch and compost.