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Case Study – Calderwood Valley

This case study is based on our partnership with Landscape Solutions.


“It is expected that the development will take more than twenty years to complete and when finished, will be home to over 12,500 people.”



Landscape Solutions have operated for 24 years and are now one of Australia’s leading landscape companies with a client service focus.


After 24 years successful operation, Landscape Solutions are now one of Australia’s leading landscape companies with a client service focus. Landscape Solutions has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, and deploy 400+ full-time staff on a daily basis. Specialisists in large-scale commercial landscape development, high-quality grounds, garden and sports field construction and maintenance services, as well as asset management and irrigation solutions.



  • LNA Excellence Awards – Construction + Civil Commercial $3-$5 million Category – Gold
  • LNA Excellence Awards – Apprentice of the Year – Parks & Gardens – Winner
  • LNA Excellence Awards – Maintenance Commercial 15,000m2 + Category – Bronze
  • LNA Excellence Awards – Maintenance Commercial Resorts & Retirement
  • LNA Excellence Awards – Open Space Parklands $3m+
  • AILA National Civic Landscape Award of Excellence
  • Landscape QLD Construction Industry Excellence – Maintenance $100-$250k
  • LNA Excellence Awards – Women in Landscaping
  • QLD Sports Turf Association – Graduate of the Year








Nestled at the base of the iconic Illawarra escarpment, Calderwood Valley has been designed in harmony with the rolling hills and tree-lined creeks. Calderwood Valley celebrates the region’s natural beauty and open space.

It sits within the broader Illawarra region with a strong sense of connection to the local community. Connecting the escarpment with the coast, Calderwood Valley takes advantage of the natural hills, creeks and bush lands, allowing the community to connect via walkways and open space. Calderwood Valley will become a truly inspirational, connected community that delivers essential facilities to support local social connection, sport and recreation, retail, education and business.



At 609 hectares Calderwood Valley is set to be one of the the Illawarra Region’s largest master-planned communities. It is expected that the development will take more than twenty years to complete and when finished, will be home to over 12,500 people. More than 25% of the site (approx 217 hectares) will be dedicated to open spaces.





Supply and delivery of a fit for purpose natural sand, soil and compost blend meeting industry standards. Quality assured, consistent and price competitive with sand. Manufacturing and logistics capabilities give the ability to deliver large volumes over short time frames.



It is expected this project will take more than 20 years to complete. In such a competitive market, price was the focus. SOILCO are known for delivering quality and consistent products though also ensuring price doesn’t compromise the end result. This, along with their great reputation for meeting tight deadlines is why SOILCO was appointed this contract. SOILCO look forward to partnering with Landscape Solutions for decades to come and ensure Calderwood Valley becomes an address like no other.





Cottage Mulch is a fine mulch predominately made up of hardwood waste from timber mills. Ranging in size from 8mm to 15mm, Cottage Mulch has a natural to dark colour and gives an earthly look ideal for native and informal gardens. Ideal for most mulch applicaitons, including slopes and windy areas, Cottage Mulch was chosen for this project for its suitability to price driven, large-scale commercial projects.

Organic Soil is an economically priced blend of topsoil and mature compost. Originally designed as a base for lawn and turf plantings, this mix has also proven itself to be a reliable and versatile blend which can, with the addition of suitable fertilisers, work most effectively as a general garden mix. Organic soil gives superior results to simple sand/ soil blends, which often lack organic material.


Features Include: 

Medium consistency, suitable for garden beds. High in organic matter to provide slow releasing organic nutrients and water holding capacity. Economically priced for commercial application.

Increasing water holding capacity – Trials have found that organic matter can hold up to twice its weight or more in water. Top dressing with organic materials keeps moisture at the soil surface, giving access of water to roots and reducing water repellency in soils.

Provides nutrients – Adding compost to mixes increases availability of the major nutrients and micro nutrients such as iron, manganese, copper and zinc. It can also assist with the availability of phosphorus, reducing the need for artificial fertilisers.

Improves resilience – Compost contains humic substances, provides growth regulators and stimulates microbial activity. This can lead to enhanced turf grass tolerance to environmental stresses such as temperature and UV radiation.