Structural Support Soil

Trees are an integral part of urban design. In order to thrive and grow to full maturity they require a planting system that allows adequate space for roots.

Traditionally, pits are dug into the ground which give trees a volume of around 1 cubic metre for roots, rather than the 20-40 cubic metres that they require. This can often result in stunted growth or pavement lifting and breakage. Eventually the tree may fall over or die from lack of water or excess heat from the pavement.

Structural soils have been designed to provide street trees and other plants a suitable growing environment while at the same time being load bearing and able to support pavement or other engineered surfaces.

The structural support soil system is a 2 part system; with one part being the aggregate based structural soil, and the other part being the planting media in the immediate vicinity of the root ball.

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Tree planting for pavements and roadsides, where area for tree root volume is required under hard surfaces such as paving.