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Giving Life to Soil

Soils are life-giving.

Think of soil like a living organism. In fact, soil is the most complex living organism in nature. SOILCO’s compost and mulch products are organic soil improvers. Unlike chemical or synthetic fertilisers, our products add carbon to soil. Without restoring carbon, the soil is depleted and fails to renew itself.

Carbon rich, organic fertilisers are high in organic nutrients and minimise reliance on artificial fertilisers. They feed the soil. Mineral (chemical) fertilisers feed plants, not soil. Instead of bringing carbon to soil, chemical fertilisers supply nutrients without the nutrient cycle fed by carbon.

Our compost helps to build healthy and life-giving soils because it:

• acts as a ‘slow release’ fertiliser,
• nourishes and feeds the soil and boosts soil fertility,
• sequesters carbon in soil to mitigate climate change,
• improves soil’s resilience to shocks such as drought,
• increases soil’s water holding capacity,
• regulates soil temperature,
• reduces water evaporation and erosion,
• reduces the use of chemical inputs such as fertilisers and pesticides,
• increases agricultural productivity without high input costs,
• extends growing periods, and
• improves downstream water quality.

At SOILCO, we see the life-giving potential that soil holds. Join us in helping others see its potential too.

Read our life-giving manifesto here