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Stormwater Filtration

Storm water biofiltration systems are designed to reduce the effects of flooding and process runoff in the urban environment.

They improve water quality and treat rainwater by removing suspended solids, while the microbiology contained in the organic matter breaks down pollutants.

Biofiltration systems usually consist of a swale or pond planted with dense semi aquatic vegetation. Rainwater collects in this area before percolating down through the biofiltration media. The clean water will then be directed to drain away through pipes into waterways.

The primary feature of a biofiltration media is to meet specifications for hydraulic conductivity which enables the media to drain quickly in flash flood situations. It also requires a proportion of organic matter to house the necessary microbiology.

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  • Bioswales – Vegetated drainage channels
  • Bioretention Systems
  • Rain Gardens
  • Development of water catchments
  • Retrofitting for stormwater management in existing landscapes