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Circular Economy

SOILCO has been a circular economy pioneer since it began as a small family business in 1974.

This infographic shows the SOILCO Regeneration Process using in-vessel composting technologies:

  • Households sort food in caddies and green bins
  • Collection of food and garden organics (FOGO) from households
  • Arrive, weigh and unload
  • Decontamination (sorting)
  • Size reduction (shredding) and particle sizing (screening)
  • Aeration tunnel filled and air supplied from underneath, water added as required
  • Automated process visualisation and control from computers
  • Compost screened and sold
  • Regenerate soil for dynamic growth
  • Fruits and vegetables are grown and purchased in a virtuous cycle

Collection trucks pick up FOGO waste from the kerb and bring it to SOILCO’s organics processing facility.

When it arrives, it’s unloaded and sorted manually on a conveyor belt in a sorting cabin. People manually remove plastic and inert materials from the contents.

The organic materials are then shredded and screened to create uniform particle sizes and a homogenous product ready for composting.

The composting process takes 8 to 12 weeks before it becomes finished soil health products in the form of carbon-rich mulch and compost.