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Case Study – Smeaton Grange Soil Screening

This case study is based on our partnership with Greater West Landscapes.
Smeaton Grange Work Ute




“Reinstating local biodiversity into road infrastructure”



For over 20 years Greater West Landscapes have provided Sydney with a full range of landscape services for large scale projects.

Greater West Landscapes is a Western Sydney based landscape contractor. For over 20 years they have built a reputation of providing diverse, high quality and responsive outcomes for their clients. Their company values are to partner with their clients through the life of the project and beyond. It is their unique approach to contracting that enables them to develop and retain long-standing partnerships.


A stockpile of approximately 13,000m3 of site won topsoil was screened for use on verges and roadside plantings at Smeaton Grange. SOILCO provided screening and loading equipment along with experienced operators to undertake the works. Screening was undertaken in 2 stages in 2017.


Smeaton Grange screening soil



Works are being undertaken on the Northern Rd at Narellan, between the intersections of the Older Northern Rd and Peter Brock Drive.


Supply and delivery of a fit for purpose natural sand, soil and compost blend meeting industry standards. Quality assured, consistent and price competitive with sand. Manufacturing and logistics capabilities give the ability to deliver large volumes over short time frames.



Screening was undertaken in two stages in 2017. In such a competitive market, price is always an important focus. SOILCO are known for delivering quality and consistent products though also ensuring price doesn’t compromise the end result. This, along with their great reputation for meeting tight deadlines is why SOILCO was appointed this contract. SOILCO look forward to partnering with Greater West Landscapes in the future.


GO Compost helps soil structure and improves levels of organic matter. It also improves soil structure and drainage. GO Compost allows the water holding capacity of the soil whilst adding additional organic nutrients that help with plant growth. GO Compost was chosen for this project for its proven ability to assist in healthy plant growth.


Features Include: 

Medium consistency, suitable for garden beds. High in organic matter to provide slow releasing organic nutrients and water holding capacity. Economically priced for commercial application.

Increasing water holding capacity – Trials have found that organic matter can hold up to twice its weight or more in water. Top dressing with organic materials keeps moisture at the soil surface, giving access of water to roots and reducing water repellency in soils.

Provides nutrients – Adding compost to mixes increases availability of the major nutrients and micro nutrients such as iron, manganese, copper and zinc. It can also assist with the availability of phosphorus, reducing the need for artificial fertilisers.

Improves resilience – Compost contains humic substances, provides growth regulators and stimulates microbial activity. This can lead to enhanced turf grass tolerance to environmental stresses such as temperature and UV radiation.