Access to raw materials and over 40 years of combined blending expertise has resulted in a diverse and wide range of products able to suit the needs of any market application. Our products promote effective growth, providing optimum plant nutrition while helping to manage water requirements.

SOILCO caters to the differing needs of domestic, landscape, civil, agricultural and environmental markets. Our products are designed to be fit for purpose and can be amended in line with project specifications. Specific fertility, structural and biological requirements can be achieved either within the growing mixes or as part as onsite soil improvement treatments.



Commercial projects where large areas are planted with native species and ornamental grasses.

Lay turf in domestic and open spaces for lawns in low traffic areas.

Growing mixes for the construction of sports fields.

The use of organics in sports field renovation projects to improve soil health and enable stronger turf growth.

Organically based top dressing to improve the soil health of sports fields.

Capture and biological treatment of stormwater in bioretention basins.

Soil based growing media for on slab applications and large planter boxes.

Tree planting system in paved areas to provide greater root volumes.

Certified soft fall for playground, to decrease risk of injuries.