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SOILCO Compost Products

Regenerate soil for dynamic growth is our passion. Compost is so important becauseit enchances overall soil health and improve soil’s resilence to shocks such as drought. It also increases water absorption, improves drainage and provides a slow release of essential nutrients.

The many advantages of applying compost to soil include:

  • Improving soil conditions:
    • Reduces compaction, increasing moisture retention, regulating soil temperature, reducing water evaporation and regulating soil moisture.
    • allows water to enter the soil more easily so it can be readily available for plant growth.
  • Strengthening and replenishing soil:
    • Compost provides carbon to the soil. This increases the crumb formation and assists soil resisting dispersion and erosion from wind and water.
    • Compost improves soil health which enables soil to withstand negative environmental impacts from events such as floods and drought.
  • Maintaining biodiversity:
    • Compost feeds the microorganisms and macrofauna such as earthworms which process soil. They aerate the soil and create pathways for water and nutrients. Their contribution to nutrient cycling leads to lower dependence on inorganic fertilisers and supplemental water and pesticides.

SOILCO offers a range of compost products to get organic matter back into our soils. These products can be incorporated into existing soil as soil improvers, protect the soils as a mulch, or blended with other materials to create growing media.

Home Gardens

Large Projects

Sensitive plants such as natives

Rich in nutrients for veg and fruit trees


Top Dressing

Side dressing

Direct Planting


Compost is often referred to as “nature’s slow-release fertiliser”. By using products such as SOILCO’s GO Compost™, you recycle valuable nutrients and reduce the impact of organics going to landfill.