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Soil Information

SOILCO manufactures a range of general purpose and specific growing mixes that meet Australian quality standards.

The Australia Standard AS4419 sets out requirements for general purpose soils, topdressing, topsoils and landscaping mixes. The aim of the Standard is to provide a set of requirements which will ensure that soils can grow and maintain plant growth and give users the assurance of the suitability and quality of the soils.

SOILCO soil blends are made from inputs including natural soil and certified composts. The natural soil is certified as Virgin Extracted Natural Material (VENM) which has been extracted from our quarry in Wogamia, West Nowra. Being a VENM soil means it is free from waste that has been excavated from other areas. There is no contamination from industrial, commercial, mining, or agricultural activities.

To be classified as VENM, SOILCO quarried soil has been tested and met the criteria for contaminants commonly found in natural and urban areas such as heavy metals, organochlorine pesticides and major soil-borne fungal pathogens.

With ingredients such as VENM and certified compost, our customers can rely on our growing mixes which come with a guarantee of quality, performance and consistency.

SOILCO soil blends are used by customers in all areas of gardening and landscaping. Advantages to buying from SOILCO include:

  • Formulated products to give reliable and consistent results.
  • A wide network of distributors means our products are available along the east coast.
  • Products are made to meet industry and Australian Standards, providing customers a high level of reassurance.
  • Our products are backed up with operational and technical support to enable us to produce large volumes of product if required.
  • Along with SOILCOs standard range of products we are able to blend growing media to job specifications. For more information click here.

The following table gives a guide on which product to select. This should be seen as a guide only. Site conditions and applications are individual and can vary greatly. Click on the product name for further information.

Exotic and Ornamental Plants

Trees and Shrubs

Native Plants

Mass Plantings

Vegie Gardens

Large Projects

Turf Underlay

Top Dressing