Cottage Mulch

Cottage mulch has neutral colour tones and looks great in native and informal gardens.

It is a blend ranging in size from 8mm to 15mm. Cottage Mulch is ideal for home gardens and urban mulching, but is also suited in price and design to larger scale landscaping projects.

The feedstock used to manufacture Cottage Mulch is obtained from clean timber from forestry, sawmill and urban timber residues. This includes materials such as off-cuts, wood shavings and pallets that are collected as a separate source stream for processing.

Cottage Mulch is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the EPA Resource Recovery Mulch Order 2016. The requirements of this order apply in relation to the supply of mulch for application to land.

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Timber mulch rather than a wood chip, with variable particle sizes. This provides:

  • Greater hold on slopes, stable coverage in wind and water movement areas.
  • Reduced fines for greater water infiltration and particle size uniformity.
  • Increased water holding capacity.
  • Reduction in evaporation and erosion.
  • Suppresses weed growth.
  • Provides soil carbon when broken down.

Application Instructions

  • Mulch is recommended on all landscaped areas and individual plantings.
  • Remove all existing weeds before mulching.
  • Mulch evenly – the recommended thickness is 75mm.
  • Pull mulch from around trunks and stems.