GO COMPOST Premium™ is certified to a range of soil conditioning standards including NSW EPA Resource Recovery Orders and Australian Standard 4454.

Easy to incorporate into the soil, GO COMPOST Premium is fine, light and fluffy. It’s a great product for improving soil health in a range of applications such as home gardening, vegetable growing and urban lawns including our parks and sports fields.

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  • Composted organics screened to a fine texture.
  • Certified to AS4454:2012; Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches.
  • Provides organic matter and organic nutrients to build soil health.
  • Easy to spread either manually or with a mechanical spreader
  • Composting process ensures there are no weed seeds, diseases or phytotoxicity problems.

Application Instructions

To incorporate into the soil.
The recommended depth of GO Compost Premium™ is dependent on the application and desired results.

  • GO Compost Premium™ is usually applied at the rate of 50-100mm depth.
  • If applied to the depth of 100mm and then incorporated to a depth of 200mm, this results in a maximum of 50% by volume being GO COMPOST PremiumTM.
  • After application dig into existing soil and water well.

For use as a top dressing

  • For use as a top dressing 10 – 20mm can be applied if not incorporated, taking care not to completely cover grass.
  • If applying as a top dressing, best results will be obtained by aerating surface first and rubbing in GO Compost PremiumTM to move into the rootzone area.

For horticultural activities testing is recommended to determine the optimum amount of organic matter to add to soil.