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GO Mulch

GO Mulch has been designed for use as a one-step mulch and soil improver. The product has attributes of a light weight growing media and can be used in rehabilitation projects where minimal disturbance is required.

GO Mulch is an environmentally friendly product that is safer than raw organic mulches such as leaf mulch. The product consists of screened timber that has been blended with GO COMPOST™. For large rehabilitation works, it can be customised to meet project requirements. Different grades of GO COMPOST™ and timber mulches are available and can be blended with fertilisers where required.

GO Mulch provides excellent moisture infiltration and retention. Landcare Managers who use GO Mulch will benefit from the faster establishment and increased survival rates in tube stock plantings.

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  • Provides a one stop application of soil conditioner and mulch.
  • Beneficial for strategic plantings where survival rates are critical.
  • Reduces soil surface sealing.
  • Barrier to runoff, allowing more water to infiltrate soil, decreasing soil loss in rain events.

Application Instructions

GO Mulch is usually applied prior to planting over a mass area.

  • Remove existing weeds prior to planting.
  • If possible, may also be beneficial to scarify or cultivate site soil for faster establishment.
  • Mulch evenly at a recommended thickness of 100mm.
  • Create planting holes, ensuring the bottom of the plant goes into the natural soil.
  • The crown should be level with the surface of the GO Mulch. Pull mulch from around trucks and stems.
  • Water well to commence the movement of the fine organic particles into the soil.

GO Mulch can be customised to meet the requirements of large rehabilitation projects. Additional amendments such as fertilisers may be added if specified. Contact us to discuss your needs.