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Gold Blend

Gold Blend is a finely textured, friable natural soil and organics blend, suitable for use as a premium garden mix in urban landscaping. Premium ingredients create a blend that is designed to ensure early results and long-term performance.

Gold Blend has a high organic content with good water-holding and nutrient retention. It is a proven performer for domestic and commercial applications suiting rose, citrus and other exotic species.

Gold Blend has been manufactured by SOILCO by over 20 years and is well loved by customers on the south coast of NSW. It is certified to Australian Standard AS4419:2018; Soils for Landscaping and Garden Use – Landscape Soils on Grade

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  • Gold Blend is an organic soil blend comprising natural soil, certified compost and sand. This is a premium product suitable for garden use.
  • Friable blend featuring medium organic content.
  • Excellent water retention.
  • Organic matter for slow-release nutrients and superior water holding capacity.
  • Ideal as a top-up for gardens or where a good quality growing media is required.

Application Instructions

  • Gold Blend can be used to establish or top up gardens.
  • All weeds, rubble or turf should be removed and subgrade amended if required.
  • Apply to the necessary depth or up to 300mm, avoiding compaction.
  • Water well to maintain even moisture, especially in early stages of development.
  • Mulch to help prevent evaporation and protect the soil surface.