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Turf Special

Turf Special is an organic soil blend with a medium texture that is suitable for use as a domestic and commercial turf underlay. The uniform consistency of Turf Special ensures easy spreading, accurate levelling and superior soil to root contact for new turf.

Turf Special has been designed for the growing needs of turf grasses such as buffalo, couch and kikuyu. Turf establishment and growth is enhanced with underlays containing added organic matter. GO Compost™ is included in Turf Special to provide organic nutrients, increase water holding capacity and enable greater root establishment. This reduces the reliance on artificial fertilisers and irrigation which relatively infertile sand-based underlays may require.

 Turf Special is certified to A4419:2018 Soils for Landscaping and Garden Use.

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  • Medium consistency for easy spreading and accurate levelling.
  • Superior soil to root contact.
  • Reduced bulk density gives greater coverage than sand-based mixes, giving a price advantage.
  • Suitable for most lawn types including soft leaf buffalo, kikuyu, couch.
  • Turf Special has been approved for use on RMS R178 projects.

Application Instructions

  • Care should be taken to remove existing vegetation including weeds.
  • Ground should be cultivated and not left as a hard base. This will allow turf roots a greater depth to penetrate and establish.
  • Apply a minimum of 50mm or depth required to get the desired level. Turf Special can be installed up to 300mm if necessary.
  • Water well to ensure turf is laid on a moist surface. Lawn start fertiliser can be applied at this time if required. Nutrients such as nitrogen may need to be applied depending on turf growth requirements. Contact your turf grower for recommendations.