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Vegie Mix

Vegie Mix is a rich friable blend, designed for use as a growing media or organic soil improver for productive gardens.

Vegie Mix can be used to establish new beds or top up. It can also be dug into exiting garden beds to provide organic matter and additional nutrients such as nitrogen and trace elements.

Suitable for vegetables and other heavy feeders, the blend of composted inputs and sand makes Vegie Mix a well-structured blend, high in organic nutrients.

Like most products containing composted inputs, the pH of Vegie Mix is neutral to slightly alkaline. Plants preferring strongly acidic conditions such as blueberries may need additional amendments.

Vegie Mix endeavours to meet the parameters of AS4419-2018; Soils for Landscaping and Garden Use and AS4419:2012 Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches. The higher nutrient levels make this a fit for purpose product.

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  • Fine consistency. Suitable for most lawn types.
  • Designed for gross feeding plants with high nutrient requirements.
  • Open mix with good air-filled porosity for strong root growth.
  • Good water infiltration and retention.
  • High in organic nutrients, no additional fertiliser should be required in the first growing season.

Application Instructions

  • Vegie Mix can be used to establish or top up gardens.
  • All weeds, rubble or turf should be removed.
  • Loosen up the ground underneath to provide extra depth and improve drainage.
  • Apply to the necessary depth or up to 300mm, avoiding compaction.
  • Vegie Mix is high in nutrients, so it is important to water well and maintain moisture levels, particularly in the early stages of planting.
  • Vegie gardens will benefit from the mulching. Mulch will help protect young seedlings from weather extremes as well as assisting with the retention of moisture. It will also assist with weed suppression and protect the soil surface.