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Organics Services

Organics Recycling

Organics recycling can provide significant business savings and environmental benefits. Diverting waste from landfill removes weight, odour and leachates from the general waste stream and can reduce the cost of waste disposal.

Organics that can be processed by SOILCO for recycling include:

  • Garden and timber waste,
  • Food scraps from commercial kitchens, and
  • Agricultural waste.

Diverting organic waste effectively ‘closes the loop’. This provides economic and environmental benefits, reducing the carbon footprint and regenerating natural systems.

Benefits for businesses:

  • Reduces waste and recycling management costs by avoiding landfill fees.
  • Diverts organic waste away from the general waste stream to remove weight, odour and potential liquids.
  • Reduces waste removal fees and other handling requirements.
  • Improves public image via a comprehensive recycling program.

Benefits to the environment:

  • Decreases greenhouse gas emissions from the anaerobic (without air) decomposition of large amounts of organic material sent to landfill.
  • Stops toxic leachates from the organic waste that are filtered into our water table.
  • Recovers valuable organic nutrients when composted.
  • Gives life back to Australia’s depleted soils by restoring soil health.
  • Reduces carbon footprints and captures carbon in soil to mitigate climate change.

SOILCO capabilities:

  • Diversion of organic wastes from landfill. 
  • Acceptance of material including food, garden and timber.
  • Organic waste management, collection and processing options.
  • 98% material recovery.
  • Reduced composting footprint through use of technology.
  • Onsite environmental management including water and air.
  • Process controls for efficiency, consistency and increased value.
  • Delivery against compliance obligations.
  • Ability to adjust to seasonal fluctuations.
  • Supply of high-quality soil, compost and mulch products for general and specialised use to established markets.

To discuss your organics recycling requirements, or arrange a site visit, please email or phone 02 4252 9100.