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SOILCO provides a modern transport fleet and equipment to fulfil the scope of all your organic waste recycling and product delivery needs. We ensure our well-maintained and comprehensive fleet of bulk haulage transportation vehicles and trailers, bin collection trucks and stationary bins are available across Eastern Australia.

Vehicles are designed to ensure full advantage of weight limits. Different configurations also provide flexible scheduling and delivery options for our customers.

Our extensive fleet includes.

  • Truck and dogs.
  • Tri-axle semi-trailers..
  • Quad-axle walking floors and float.
  • Hook lift bins.
  • Collection bin trucks.
  • Vacuum tanker.

SOILCO’s heavy vehicle transport fleet is certified to the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation System (NHVAS) for Mass, Maintenance and Fatigue Management The “Service Tracker” maintenance program used for the heavy vehicles is also utilised for the Company’s plant and equipment. This ensures all equipment is maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.