Design, Build and Operate

SOILCO’s inhouse team designs, builds and operates facilities with organics processing capabilities new to the Australian organics recycling industry.

As local councils collect more food and garden waste, throughput capacities are expanding for organics processing on new and existing sites.

To maximise outputs and minimise costs, we design and build aerated composting infrastructure equipped with specialised air and water management.

Our experience is based on upgrades to our own facilities in Kembla Grange and Nowra, where we partnered with a world-leading company to build aerated tunnels for in-vessel composting. Our pre-sort and aerobic composting processes produce clean, compliant and nutrient-rich products.

SOILCO has built strong partnerships with project/contract managers, clients, designers and other key stakeholders throughout the East Coast of Australia.

Our design team is appointed based on our past success with projects at Kembla Grange, Nowra/Wogamia and Tweed/Stotts Creek.

We offer our clients a multi-faceted solution.

The brief to build and operate organics transfer stations may include design and construction management, implementation of technology, project reporting, commissioning and operation.