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Case Study – Taylor Residential Estate

SOILCO worked with Complete Turf & Landscaping to de-compact and amend the soil of Taylor Residential Estate.
SOILCO Taylor Residential Estate



  • DATE: July to December 2019
  • SITE: Taylor Residential Estate
  • PRODUCTS: 2,155m3 x GO CompostPremiumTM Applied over 24ha


“A requirement of the contract is that we obtain 85% grass cover. The proof will be in the end results. The ACT is currently in the middle of a serious drought but we are expecting to hand over stages in autumn. SOILCO were friendly, helpful and professional in their product knowledge. This has been a large project spread over 2 stages and 3 months. SOILCO delivered the product as we required it without any issues.” Michael Waring – Managing Director CTL



SOILCO worked with Complete Turf & Landscaping to de-compact and amend the soil of Taylor Residential Estate. As the area was originally unimproved natural farmland located on a hard shale belt, there was minimal top soil which had extremely poor fertility and structure. The products used to accomplish this project include SOILCO’s GO Compost PremiumTM and CTL’s Hydro Mulch.


GO Compost Premium (AS4454)


CTL required certified compost that is superior in quality. SOILCO was able to provide the volumes of consistent and stable product in the timeframes needed for each section of works.


SOILCO is one of Australia’s leading producers of Soil, Compost and Mulch. SOILCO has successfully combined the latest mechanical and biological processing techniques with over 35 years of composting experience to produce a range of quality assured organic products.

Based in Nowra, just south of Wollongong and Sydney, SOILCO has EPA licensed facilities that are dedicated to manufacturing soils and producing organic composts and mulches that can be used for a variety of urban, civil, landscape, environmental and agricultural applications.

We are a family business that has run for over three generations. We’re passionate about soil improvement and environmental sustainability. Get in contact with SOILCO today! We’d love to hear about how we can help you regenerate for dynamic growth!