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SOILCO is committed to environmental management and adopts standards of practice in its daily operations that aim to increase awareness of potential environmental impacts.

We implement systems that ensure productivity and efficiency when delivering products and services that exceed customer expectations.

We aim to develop sound management practices that will contribute to success and regeneration through:

  • Protecting the environment – preventing and mitigating adverse impacts;
  • Protecting the organisation from adverse impacts arising from environmental concerns;
  • Commitment to delivering against compliance obligations set by all interested parties;
  • Recognising and enhancing environmental performance;
  • Looking at quality practices for delivering products and services ensuring processes identify and prevent potential environment impacts;
  • Acknowledging the importance of environmental consideration within a community that is increasingly aware of their own footprint; and
  • Use of consultation and communication to ensure that information is disseminated to all interested parties.

Further detail for a SOILCO facility regarding the environmental licence, monitoring results
and incident response plans:

Kembla Grange ORF

Kembla Grange CMF

Wogamia CMF

Tweed OPF