SOILCO wholesalers, distributors, resellers and end users are located far and wide within NSW.

Because of this, a comprehensive allocations and scheduling program is employed to ensure the most time and cost-efficient solution will be provided to meet our specific client’s needs. Our onboard telematics software ensures we know exactly where the fleet assets are at any time.

SOILCO Fleet Maintenance
SOILCO uses routine maintenance programs to maintain our fleet and ensure uninterrupted supply of services.

All vehicles and equipment are inspected daily, serviced and maintained to ensure continued operational performance. Drivers and operators ensure that operational logbooks are kept up-to-date, and they are required to record and report fleet and equipment defects and perform minor corrective maintenance, as and when applicable.

We maintain a routine maintenance database, which enables the following:

  • Tracking of all repair and maintenance activity
  • Maintenance trends analysis
  • Equipment usage optimisation and contingency planning

SOILCO has fast repair and response times in a case of a defect, with all repairs run via our own workshop.