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Separate and Collect

Organics recycling can provide significant business savings and positive environmental benefits.

Separating organics from the general waste stream can divert waste from landfill. Besides removing weight, odour and leachates from general waste, customers can reduce waste removal fees and other handling requirements.

Organics that can be processed by SOILCO for recycling include:

  • Commercial food waste from events
  • Onsite organic waste from clearing
  • Untreated mill residuals such as offcuts, sawdust and chip
  • Untreated offcuts in timber manufacturing facilities
  • Unpainted and untreated timber pallets such as from freight businesses.
  • Agricultural wastes 

In addition to receiving unprocessed organics, SOILCO has mobile equipment available for the processing organics onsite. Onsite processing and removal of green and timber waste can be an economical solution when dealing with large volumes of green and timber waste such as for council drop offs and land clearing.

Customers can also utilise SOILCO’s transport fleet which currently includes hook lift bins and heavy vehicle combinations specifically designed for safe and efficient loading, transfer and unloading of shredded green and timber waste materials. Our heavy vehicles have been designed with large cubic capacities that maximise the light bulk density of processed garden and timber organics within RMS and NHVR regulations.