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Case Study – Urban Grown Farm Project

Soilco has donated 660 bags of go mulch to green connect's urban farm project.
SOILCO urban farm project

SOILCO has donated 660 bags of go mulch to green connect’s urban farm project.



  • DATE:  December 2016
  • SITE:  Urban Grown Farm
  • SITE SIZE:  12 acres. 3 acres developed
  • PRODUCTS:  660 bags of GO Mulch



A farm located on the grounds of Warrawong High School. The farm is a part of a social enterprise called Green Connect which is 89% funded by trade.



Fit for purpose, consistency, quality.



Product supplied was a mulch and soil conditioner in one. One bag will be applied to each of the high value fruit trees including avocados, guavas and pawpaw.


SOILCO works on an innovative idea that gives back to residents.

Increasing the understanding of what is produced from green waste and the positive effect that recycling can have on the environment. SOILCO processes green waste to meet Australian Standard AS4454 and returns the product back to the community farm in the form of a quality assured bagged mulch.

In the past SOILCO has supported the Living Class Room Project at Warrawong High School that was developed by Elemental Permaculture with the support of Our Community Project and runs as part of the school curriculum.

After success of this project the school provided land and the NSW Department of Family and Community provided funding, partnering with Our Community Project to establish a farm to grow chemical free food and create jobs.’



Green Connect is a social enterprise of Our Community Project, working to recover waste, grow fair food and create jobs for resettled refugees and young people.

Green Connect is developing the farm with limited resources and strong community support. The farm’s productivity has now increased to the point where it can employ a farm manager, a farm hand and eight casual staff who are former refugees and young people.