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Case Study – Willinga Park Native and Show Gardens

Willinga Park has extensive facilities for the agistment and training of horses. Their horses are considered to be some of the best in the country.
SOILCO Case Study Willinga Park


  • DATE: Stage 1 5ha of predominantly native plantings. Completed 2010
  • DATE: Stage 2 Show gardens around the horse dressage arena. Completed 2017
  • CLIENT: Capital Properties
  • PRODUCTS: Landscape Mix, Turf Special & Natural Pine Mulch

“Willinga Park has extensive facilities for the agistment and training of horses. Their horses are considered to be some of the best in the country.”


Capital Property, completed the works for the owner of Willinga Park. Gardens are designed by DZ Designs.

Willinga Park is set on 41ha on the South Coast of NSW. Willinga Park has extensive facilities for the agistment and training of horses.

The native gardens at Willinga Park have been developed on remnant degraded grazing country. Five hectares of gardens were created in 2010. There have been in excess of 8000 trees, shrubs and plants incorporated into the property.

The plantings in the gardens are mainly Australian natives, some endemic to the area. The gardens, now have an established microclimate that will require the collection to be substantially re-planted over the next three years as plants outgrow their allocated space.

The second garden was constructed in 2016 to showcase the horse dressage arena. Plants are ornamental and chosen for their foliage.


The gardens require a fit for purpose quality blend that can be used in all areas and suit a variety of native and ornamental species. The stage 1 garden included endemic and native plants such Banksias and Grevilleas.

The show area contains the indoor arena and stables. Plants in this area included transplanted Livistonias, Zanthorrhoea Glauca, Cascade Palms and Cordyline rubra.


Bawley Point is a small coastal hamlet in New South Wales, Australia. It is located 30 minutes south of Ulladulla.



Landscape Mix has been installed in both gardens as the growing media. It has been chosen for proven performance, quality certification and long term structural stability. In the show gardens Pine Mulch was installed for the colour, guaranteed quality and commercially priced.


  • Landscape Mix is an organic soil blend comprising VENM soil, certified compost and sand.
  • Premium product with lower nutrients for gardens and landscaping.
  • Certified VENM soil, free from contaminants found in building site excavated soils.
  • Added sand to improve drainage.
  • Low phosphorus – suitable for sensitive species.
  • Extensively use for commercial landscaping applications such as mass plantings.
  • Certified to AS4419, Soils for Landscaping and Garden use.


  • Mass Plantings
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Australian Natives
  • Palms


Turf Special is a natural soil blend, suitable for both domestic and commercial turf underlay. GO Compost has been added to provide organic nutrients, increased water holding capacity and enable greater root establishment.


  • Suitable turf underlay for all lawn types, including Sir Walter Turf.
  • Well draining medium provides open base for quick turf root establishment.
  • Easy to spread either manually or with a mechanical spreader.
  • Ideal for domestic or commercial use.
  • Can also be used as an economical topdressing for kikuyu or buffalo species.


  • Turf underlay
  • High quality fill material
  • Budget top dress for Kikukyu


Natural Pine Mulch is a by-product of the pine timber industry. It is a blend of shredded timber and pine bark pieces. Natural Pine Mulch contains both larger and finer pieces giving it hold and durability. It is a rich attractive terracotta colour that ages to grey/brown. Natural Pine Mulch is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.


“SOILCO are committed to ensuring their products are certified as meeting the relevant Australian Standards and are environmentally friendly, safe, effective and innovative.”