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Clean Energy Compost Manufacturing Facility proposed for Badgerys Creek

In NSW, more than a third of the waste sent to landfill is organic waste, which includes food and garden organics (FOGO).

When FOGO ends up in landfill it decomposes and generates damaging greenhouse gasses. Currently 43 (out of 128) NSW Local Governments provide kerbside FOGO collection services to their residents. This collection service allows food to be added to the green lidded garden waste bin so that it can be diverted from landfill and recycled into compost and other soil health products.

The NSW Government’s Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 has introduced new requirements for councils to provide FOGO collection services to all NSW households by 2030. This will help NSW to improve its resource recovery rates and reduce its greenhouse gas footprint.

A state-of-the-art Clean Energy Compost Manufacturing Facility (CECMF) at 30-40 Martin Road, Badgerys Creek NSW is proposed to help meet the infrastructure requirements of the NSW Government’s Strategy. The facility will be designed, built and operated, by SOILCO Pty Ltd.

With 35 years’ experience and four existing licensed processing facilities, SOILCO is an industry leader in organics recycling and specialises in producing a wide range of quality assured soil, compost and mulch products for local markets and agriculture.

The proposed Badgerys Creek CECMF will process, compost, and store finished products indoors at all times. The facility will operate under negative pressure and will have automatic high-speed roller doors to allow vehicles to enter and exit the facility quickly and efficiently to mitigate odour.

The active composting process will occur in 16 sealed concrete tunnels. Each tunnel will operate independently with separate process controls.

Onsite renewable energy will be produced through anaerobic digestion of food waste.

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