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Organic mulches are derived from natural materials that are placed over the ground to protect the soil surface. Mulching is a great practice for home gardeners and landscapers. There are a huge number of benefits that improve your soil and save time, money and effort in the garden.

Along with beautifying the garden and highlighting plants:

  • Mulching reduces the amount of evaporation from soil – which maintains soil moisture and cuts down on irrigation requirements.
  • Mulch suppresses weeds.
  • As well as having a more secure water supply, small seedlings are protected from wind, rain and temperature extremes when surrounded by a mulch blanket. This strengthens plants and increases survival rates.
  • The reduction of raindrop impact and effects of wind are reduced, which mean there is less crusting of soil and less erosion.
  • As mulch breaks down it provides carbon, as a source of food to microbes and to build soil health.

SOILCO produces a range of organic mulches made from timber and composted garden organics. These products are superior as there is less risk of the weed seeds, pests and diseases commonly found in leaf mulch. SOILCO mulches meet EPA Orders and are designed to comply with Australian Standards.

SOILCO timber mulches and wood chips are derived from sustainable sources including clean timber from forestry, sawmill and urban wood residues. This may include woodchips, off cuts, wood shaving and pallets that are collected as a separate source steam.

Timber mulches manufactured by SOILCO are processed by shredding and screening to different particle sizes and shapes to meet different garden situations.

The table below shows some of the properties of timber mulches and chips. Click on the product name to obtain further information.




Decorative Finish

Windy Sites and Slopes


Home gardens

Large Projects

Fine Shred

Coarse Shred

Large (20mm)

Wood Chip

Medium screened chip

Medium Shred

Coarse Shred