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Organic Top Dress

Organic Top Dress has been designed by SOILCO as a premium product to improve soil health and maintain vigorous turf growth on lawns and sports fields.

The product is a compost-based top-dressing consisting of a blend of composted inputs sand and soil. Finely screened, it is easy to spread and has outstanding water infiltration and absorption characteristics.

Organic Top Dress provides slow-release organic nutrients including nitrogen and iron. This assists lawns in retaining long term growth and colour through seasonal stresses. Superior water holding increases moisture retention, which reduces reliance on irrigation and improves grass cover.
Organic Top Dress endeavours to meet the parameters of AS4419-2018; Soils for Landscaping and Garden Use. The high nutrient content makes this a fit for purpose product.

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  • Fine consistency. Suitable for all lawn types including narrow-leafed grasses.
  • Levels lawn to provide even surface.
  • Organic matter increases water holding capacity of soil.
  • Broad range of nutrients including nitrogen and iron.
  • Easy to spread either manually or with a mechanical spreader.
  • Encourages even lawn growth and strengthens density.

Application Instructions

Recommended depth is 10mm for soil improvement. The recommended time for top dressing are spring and through the growing season.

  • Before applying top dressing, it is worth determining whether the lawn area will need to be aerated.
  • Aerating can ease compaction and help Organic Top Dress move into the root zone.
  • Mow lawn before applying top dressing. This allows better levelling and a more even spread of the soil.
  • When top dressing apply to a depth so that the leaves of the grass penetrate through the top dress layer.
  • After applying, rub in top dressing or water well.