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Stormwater Media

Bioretention systems are designed to reduce the effects of flooding and prevent runoff in the urban environment. They treat rainwater by removing suspended solids, while the microbiology of the organic matter breaks down pollutants.

The primary feature of a bioretention media is to meet specifications for hydraulic conductivity which enables the media to drain quickly in flash flood situations.

SOILCO can manufacture and supply Bioretention Media to meet parameters of permeability and nutrient content suggested by Water Sensitive Urban Design Principles.

Bioretention Media sand-based blend with a high hydraulic conductivity. It contains a proportion of GO CompostTM to assist with the chemical and biological processing of the water being treated. The organic content sustains the microbiology necessary for the treatment of various pollutants and assists with the support of plant life.

It is suited to applications including bio-swales, bio-retention systems, water gardens and structural soil growing media.

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  • Bioswales – Vegetated drainage channels
  • Bioretention Systems
  • Rain Gardens
  • Development of water catchments
  • Retrofitting for stormwater management in existing landscapes