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Soil Solutions

GO COMPOST™ has been manufactured by SOILCO for over 20 years and can be used in a variety of Horticultural applications such as vegetable and crop growing in fields, glass houses and grow bags.

Other horticultural activities benefiting from additional organic matter can include turf growing, cut flowers and orchards. The use of GO COMPOST™ provides physical, chemical and biological benefits.

  • Provision of organic nutrients including a contribution to macro and a broad spectrum of micronutrients.
  • Bulk density can be reduced, increasing root penetration into the soil, and accelerating growth.
  • Water holding can be increased, leading to a reduced dependence on irrigation.
  • Structural improvements can lead to less surface crusting, enabling greater germination rates.
  • Microbial activity can contribute to increased pest and disease resistance and stronger plant growth.

GO COMPOST™ can be applied singularly or used with other amendments such as lime and gypsum to improve soil properties, restore health and build soil organic carbon (SOC).