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Equipment Services

Grinding (or shredding) is a process where garden and timber waste is size reduced. This provides the benefit of lessening the volume of stockpiles and making organic material safer and easier to manage.

SOILCO can provide all labor and equipment required for grinding and shredding of onsite stockpiled garden organic waste, as well as shearing of bulk timbers such as logs and large stumps. This service can be useful for:

  • Council commercial and domestic self-haul.
  • Parks and gardens maintenance.
  • Land clearing.
  • Storm and bushfire damage management.
  • Untreated timber packaging for freight business.

SOILCO has the expertise to completely manage the process, with the all-encompassing service including:

  • Mobilisation of equipment to site.
  • Grinding/shredding of vegetation waste
  • Hydraulic shearing and shredding of timber logs and stumps.
  • Transportation of shredded stockpiled material offsite for further processing at a SOILCO EPA licensed facility.

SOILCO can work with the customer to provide all of the necessary insurances, labour, plant & equipment; dust, noise and traffic controls; WH&S, environment and safety provisions to carry out the services.