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Site Services

Equipment Services

SOILCO offers a range of onsite organics management and soil regeneration services. Onsite processing can be an economical solution when dealing with large volumes of green and timber waste.

SOILCO can provide trained personnel, vehicles and plant equipment to safely perform these services, and set in place appropriate site establishment and shredding methods to manage all scheduled work. Green and timber waste can be size reduced (shredded) for ease of handling and to reduce offsite transport costs.

Soil screening works can also be managed by SOILCO’S experienced staff. It is often conducted as part of earthworks programs when site soil is going to be reused.  Following soil sampling and testing by a reputable soil laboratory, recommendations are made regarding any necessary additions of fertilisers, gypsum, compost and other ameliorants to add desirable properties to soil and bring it back to health.

As part of the process, stockpiled site soil may be screened to remove oversized particles such as rocks, which allows for greater root penetration and vigorous growth. Site soil is then blended to meet project specifications for nutrients and organic matter.