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Equipment Services

SOILCO offers a soil screening service to remove physical contamination and oversized material like rocks and clay on your site.

Screening soil helps meet the particle size and soil texture requirements of earthwork specifications. Reusing site soil maintains the natural nutrition and microbiology of an area. Removal of oversized material allows plant roots greater soil penetration, resulting in stronger vegetative growth. 


  • Reuse of a natural resource, with financial and environmental benefits.
  • Reduced impact of transport and tipping to landfill.
  • Removal of large particles that impede root growth and make landscaping activities easier to manage.
  • Screening and amending opens and aggregates soil, fighting against compaction and erosion.
  • Greater root penetration into soil.
  • Increased water infiltration and reduced crusting.
  • The reuse of enhanced site soil provides indigenous species with the microbiology unique to the area.
  • Oversize may be incorporated into design to assist with drainage or create landscape features.

Onsite screening options are designed to match grading requirements and screen selection is determined by the different site conditions and types of materials to be processed.

For all hire options full induction and safety manuals are provided.

Use of SOILCO’s equipment and expertise will offer the client a tailored, cost effective solution for managing on site soil and organic wastes. The end result will be usable materials, savings on tipping fees and provides a sustainable outcome for onsite soil management.