SOILCO offers a range of delivery services for finished composted goods which can be delivered:

  • direct-to-site for large civil or public works contracts
  • direct-to-reseller
  • direct-to-premises for further blending/finishing

SOILCO also delivers:

  • waste bins direct-to-site for filling (and later removal as required).
  • site-based shredding and screening technology direct-to-site as required (for large volume work).
  • general cartage services are also quoted/provided upon demand.

We deliver vehicles and equipment to facilitate site-based services, including:

  • Sorting (excavator with sorting and or shearing attachments)
  • Storage and transfer (15, 30 cubic metre hook lift bins and transport)
  • Size reduction (high speed or slow speed shredding)
  • Stockpiling and loading (front end loader or excavator)